Dental & Oral care

dentalResearch indicates that a clean mouth prevents aspiration pneumonia, gum disease, and helps prevent heart disease. on top of that the whole family can have a sparkling and healthy smile.

Our dental and oral care product line covers a very wide range from:

  • toothbrushes e.g. Elgydium, Oral B,Colgate
  • toothpastes e.g. Parodontax, Elmex, Arm and Hammer, Prodent
  • mouthwashes e.g. Listerine, Crest
  • products and remedies for common oral issues/or to prevent these issues such as bad breath and gum disease e.g. Gum
  • dry mouth issues: try our Biotene product line
  • and do not forget toothbrushes an toothpaste for baby and kids!

To reduce teeth sensitivity to heat, cold, or brushing, consider using toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth e.g. Sensodyne.

Products such as tooth pastes and mouth washes are also greatly effective in reducing bacterial growth in the mouth, whereas whitening kits e.g. Colgate, Crest can help restore and maintain that glitter on your teeth.

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