How to prevent unwanted pregnancies

a_how_important_is_it_to_have_highly_effective_birth_controlBirth Control

Basically, you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy with either total abstinence (not having sex) or proper use of contraceptives.
If you are sexually active and do not want to get pregnant, always use contraception.

Methods of contraception

How effective your contraception is depends on the type of contraception you use and whether you use it correctly.
Please consult your doctor to discuss which method of contraception is suitable for you when you want to start using contraceptives or when you are not satisfied with the method your are using now.
Some methods of contraception are more effective than others. You need to follow the instructions and use your chosen method correctly for it to be as effective as possible.
No contraceptive is 100% reliable and some can have side effects. Find out about all the methods available so you can decide which method is right for you.

Emergency contraception

Accidents happen – that’s why we have emergency contraception (EC, also known as the morning-after pill).
Ask your pharmacist if it is necessary for you to take EC. This depends on whether you have had unprotected sex and you have been using your method of contraception incorrectly. If so, you may be advised to take

  • Postinor: up to 3 days (72hrs) after unprotected sex
  • Ella(One): up to 5 days (120hrs) after unprotected sex

Note that additional measures are advised in the following week(s).
The morning-after pill won’t work if you’re already pregnant, it doesn’t end a pregnancy — it prevents one!

It is not a good idea to use EC as your regular, go-to method of birth control. That’s because:

  • The morning-after pill doesn’t prevent pregnancy as well as other forms of birth control when used regularly
  • Taking the morning-after pill over and over again is more expensive than being on a regular method of birth control
  • It may also decrease it’s effectiveness when used regularly
  • The morning-after pill can cause temporary side effects that are harmless but annoying (like bleeding between periods or nausea)

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The male latex condom is the only contraceptive method considered highly effective in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).
Birth control pills, Implant and IUDs do not protect against STD infection.

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