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At Friendly Island Pharmacy we are able to fill and handle prescriptions prescribed by your general practitioner or by specialists located on Sint Maarten as well as off island. Our staff consists of experienced employees with proper pharmaceutical training who will assist you quickly and competently. We handle new prescriptions and refills on a daily basis.

The pharmacy offers a wide variety of European and American prescription drugs. We follow the rules and regulations of Sint Maarten, Dutch Law, as well as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) concerning instructions, safety and availability.

Your health is our concern; our trained staff can answer all your questions about the specifics, availability and use of your medication.

If you are unable to produce a written prescription by your doctor
We can be reached by fax at +1(721) 544-4299 or by email Your health care provider can also call us at + 1(721) 544-4290. In the pharmacy it is also possible to provide a valid refill bottle.

We follow strict laws deemed to protect all of our customers, that said, controlled substances are only dispensed when a prescription of a local General Practitioner is produced.

As travelers, in our haste we tend to forget things or due to no fault of our own our medication and personal items can get lost in transit. That is why our pharmacy has a flexible policy on certain medications. Feel free to stop by or call and inquire about ways on how we can assist you.

Senior care on Sint Maarten
Some situations or groups within our society require a different approach or treatment. We provide a quality standard of service to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabilitating clients and Continued Care Retirement Communities. We understand the challenge to ensure medications that need to be administered efficiently to the elderly of the Sint Maarten Home. We are proud to be able to provide the service to the senior citizens in the Sint Maarten Home. Therefore we carry and can also provide similar elderly care to non-residents of these facilities.

Friendly Island Pharmacy, Sint Maarten